First Book Milestones

My first book, Infinite Divergence, hit two milestones today: It broke not only the top one thousand science fiction books in the Kindle bookstore on, but it also broke the top 500! WOOHOO!

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  1. Kevin Finnegan

    Hi Eric! I’m almost finished reading your first book in the Infinite Divergence series. I’m enjoying it very much and I’m eagerly anticipating getting started on the second volume.

    I have an unrelated question that I’m hoping you can help me with. I have a friend named Martin T. Ingham who has self-published a few science fiction novels, but his work needs more exposure. Your writing style reminds me of his and I was hoping that you might be able to put him in touch with your agent and publisher. Here’s a link to his web page:

    Martin is a good guy. I enjoy his writing, but he’s getting discouraged. Any assistance you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Eric PaukerEric Pauker Post author

      Hi Kevin, I’m happy you are enjoying the book.

      I am my own agent and publisher, so I don’t have anyone to put your friend in touch with. When I started out I looked at finding a publisher, but most are no longer interested in writers who don’t already have a library of books written.
      I have a few friends who do work with agents and publishers, but they have very little control over how their books are marketed, when they are published, and sometime how they are written. That was something I did not want to happen to my work, so I decided to do everything myself. It’s hard work, and takes time to master, but I think it’s worth the effort.

      The one thing I can recommend is that he Join the KDP Select program on Amazon. He will be limited to selling only on Amazon, but for unknown authors the program will help build an audience and give him some exposure.
      Before I signed up I selling almost nothing since I couldn’t afford to advertise. Even the low budget advertisers were out of my reach. The system Amazon has is very affordable but can only be used if you are in the KDP Select program.
      All books in the program will also be automatically put in their lending library for subscribers to read for free. Amazon pays the author a fraction of a cent per page read. That sounded bad to me until I calculated that I would make more on my book from someone reading it in the library than I would just selling it to them.

      Tell your friend to not be discouraged by low or no sales. For the first two years I did this I sold nothing. For most authors I know it took them roughly ten years to get going. I’m still nowhere near making a living off writing, but I know it will happen eventually. With Amazon making self publishing so easy, there are now tens of millions of authors out there competing with us. But the good news is most of them will never write more than one book. People, like publishers, tend to look for authors who have a lot of books written before the read any of their works. They want to know that if they enjoy the work there will be more to read.

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