These are from two different cruises my wife and I took to Alaska. The first was in April 2001 and the second in July 2003.

Alaskan Sunset

A summer sunset in Alaska.


This is a creek located in a small park near where the ship docked in Skagway. (2001 cruise)

Creek In Skagway


Glacier And Tent

This picture will help you to see the size of a glacier. The small yellow blob on the rocks near the bottom of the picture is a tent that is about 5 feet tall. (2001 cruise)


The color of the ice really is the blue you see in this picture. (2001 cruise)

Glacier Closeup


Glaciers From Jet

I took this picture from the window of a 737 while flying home. (2001 cruise)


These pictures are of the Hubbard glacier. It is 300 feet tall and about 6 miles wide at its face.

Hubbard Glacier 01 Hubbard Glacier 02 Hubbard Glacier 03 Hubbard Glacier 04 Hubbard Glacier 05 Hubbard Glacier 06 Hubbard Glacier 07 Hubbard Glacier 08 Hubbard Glacier 09 Hubbard Glacier 10 Hubbard Glacier 11 Hubbard Glacier 12 Hubbard Glacier 13 Hubbard Glacier 14 Hubbard Glacier 15


Hubbard Glacier Closeup 1 Hubbard Glacier Closeup 2 Hubbard Glacier Closeup 3 Hubbard Glacier Closeup 4 Hubbard Glacier Closeup 5

A few close-ups of the Hubbard Glacier.


One of the larger icebergs floating near the Hubbard glacier when I was there. It is about 100 feet long.




A small island near the Hubbard Glacier


This is a view of the mountains as we left Skagway.

Leaving Skagway 1 Leaving Skagway 2


Misty Fjords 1 Misty Fjords 2 Misty Fjords 3 Misty Fjords 4

A few pictures from the Misty Fjords


I took this picture on a train I took from Skagway to the White Pass during my 2001 Alaskan cruise. The conductor said that most people never get to see the mountains because of the clouds. (2001 cruise)

Mountain Near Skagway


Here are some pictures of Glacier Bay taken during my cruise to Alaska in 2001.

Mountain Reflection in Water 1 Mountain Reflection in Water 2 Mountain Reflection in Water 3 Mountain Reflection in Water 4 Mountain Reflection in Water 5 Mountain Reflection in Water 6 Mountain Reflection in Water 7


Ocean Clouds

A peaceful scene. (2001 cruise)


A small waterfall near the railway tracks going up to the White Pass. (2001 cruise)

Waterfall Near Skagway

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