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Earth is not only the home of the Human race, but a large group of Lights as well. No living human knew about the existence of the Lights until the correction started. The reason being that the Lights had temporarily left Earth ten thousand years earlier to deal with the Dren during the Great Misunderstanding. During that time, humans evolved from being a few hundred nomadic hunting tribes into beings with total control over every other species on the planet.

The Lights had believed humans would not advance much further than building a few centralized meeting places and building permanent structures from stone. But with the switch from hunting to farming along with choosing leader who preferred war over diplomacy, Humans advance at a rate far faster than any other race in the galaxy.

By the end of the twenty first century, humans had developed their technology to the point that it was no longer intrusive in their day to day lives. Various bioelectronic and biomechanical implants allowed people with even the most severe injuries lead normal lives. Almost no one wore glasses or used wheel chairs, the implants had eliminated the need for them in most cases.

Humanity had learned to adapt their coastal cities to protect them from the effects of global warming. They did manage to slow it down slightly with the elimination of oil based fuels, but other factors yet beyond their control prevented them from stopping it.

Before the Lights had returned, every human had live thousands of lifetimes witnessing the end of the war in which humans destroyed almost everything on the surface of the planet. At first, Alpha Two did not believe they should bother going back and trying a correction to prevent the end of the human race. The environment on Earth had become hostile enough to cause problems with the Lights shielding, but he was willing to wait a few thousand years for it to clear up. That changed when both he and Alpha One had visions where they were training a specific human to learn their technology.

At the time of the visions, neither Light knew that Earth was one of two planets where Nexus minds had come into existence or that the Eximius was working with two other Lights to enhance those minds. They both believed the human they saw was meant to control the behavior of the rest of the human race.

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