Time Wave

Time that organic life experiences is actually an illusion. The normal matter which makes up the universe is not three but four dimensional. It extends from the beginning to the end of the universe, interacting with other normal matter along the way. This matter is woven into patterns which when viewed three dimensionally appear as things like humans, planets, or anything else in our lives. Minds which are connected to an organic brain are limited by the brains abilities and are being pulled through the universe by a time wave. An organic brain is only able to sense the the universe in three dimensions. Thus any given point in it's four dimensional body, it only sees the three dimensional slice around it.

What is it?

A time wave is a four dimensional compression of space caused by a force similar to gravity or electromagnetism. The main difference is that all types of matter can get caught up in a time wave and be pulled through four dimensions.

Where Does It Come From?

No one knows. The Lights have journeyed in four dimensions almost one million years without finding any source. With a lack of matter and losing sight of our universe in the distant future they halted their search, vowing to try again once they had discovered their purpose for existence.

Not Trapped

At first observance it may look like all minds would be stuck traveling through the universe in a time wave even long after their organic brains ceased to exist. But they have a natural ability to know when their brain will no longer function, allowing their mind tendrils to lock onto one spot in order to leave the time wave as it proceeds. Once this occurs, the mind will pull itself back to the point where the brain first begins functioning then wait for another time wave to start the whole process over.

Long Wait

Time waves are separated by roughly ten thousand years. For humans this means the majority of their minds existence is spent waiting at the beginning of their lives for a time wave to come by. But they easily pass the time by communicating and sharing memories with other minds. They also work with them to plan out the major choices they will make along the Infinite Divergence the next time they experience their lives.

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