A mind is similar to a brain in many ways, but it has many more abilities and is much more physically durable. Being made from mind matter, they have little chance of being damaged by normal matter. High amounts of energy however, can hurt or even damage a mind.


Minds communicate directly with each other using mind waves, which are similar to electromagnetic waves but generated from mind matter. The closer two minds are to each other, the easier it is to communicate. Because of this, most minds tend to link secondary tendrils when communicating.


Until the Nexus began appearing, the Lights were the most powerful minds in existence. They are also the only minds which do not connect to an organic brain.


The vast majority of minds in the galaxy would be categorized as normal. They have special components which allow them to link with an organic brain, something the Lights minds cannot do.


Only three Nexus minds are known to exist in the galaxy. Although Eximius, one of the Nexus, believe many more will be discovered. These are the most powerful minds in existence.

Nexus Arm

These minds seem to be connected to a specific type of life form which prefers to avoid violence and is attracted to helping others. They are slightly more powerful than normal minds and have only been found in species with a Nexus, which has led to the belief they are meant to aid the Nexus.

Mind Tendril

Many have described mind tendrils as mono filaments, but in reality they are a complex chain of mind matter which can sense any nearby energy or matter. Light and Nexus mind both have the ability to extend or retract their primary tendrils. One of Jack's primary tendrils is the longest ever found, having the ability to extend a little over one million Kilometers. He also has the ability to move it between any three dimensional space without thinking, which allows him to move it through other compressed spaces to get to extremely remote locations in his three dimensional space.

Primary tendrils are used by minds to sense the outside world and connect to other minds or inanimate objects. The Lights tendrils are slightly different from other minds since they do not have the connection bulb at the end of their primary tendrils which is needed to connect to an organic brain.

All minds have at least one primary tendril along with a group of secondary tendrils. Secondary tendrils were thought to be only used to transmit emotions to nearby minds, but the Nexus have shown they can also be used to control inanimate objects such as strings. The number of secondary tendrils varies from mind to mind, but Nexus minds all have at least one hundred secondary tendrils.

Mind Primary Tendrils Length
Light 6 10 - 100 Km
Normal 1 1 - 10 meters
Nexus 36 Largest found: one Million Kilometers
Nexus Arm 2 1 - 10 meters

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