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Mind Speak

Minds communicate not with words, but with symbol, shapes, colors and lights. For any mind connected to an organic brain, this communication happens in the background, while they perceive most communications in whatever language their species uses. This part of the reason why Jack can refer to Alpha One by his human name when talking to a Juvo, and have the Juvo understand who he is talking about. When Jack was still in a human body, the thread which had been injected into him would translate the thoughts of his organic brain into mind speak before sending them to whomever he was talking to. When he had separated from his brain and merged with the Lights systems, his own mind took over that task without him needing to do anything.

The Lights systems use mindspeak in their displays. On the maps, it was used to denote locations or people.

Symbol Human Interpretation Actual Meaning
Red glow Alien settlement Light building
Green glow Human settlement Correction facility
Cycling color spot Location of map Target
Large solid white light Light ball A Light
Single Striped white spot Huge light ball Clan leader (Alpha Two)
Small white spots Strings Strings
Six hexagons in a ring Command center for an alien settlement Home

Shapes can contain one or more colored stripes inside which denote various characteristics.

Trait Symbol Meaning
Red stripe Violent
Orange stripe Angry
Yellow stripe Controls others
Blue stripe Seeker of justice
Green stripe Compassion
Purple stripe Intelligence
White spots Intelligent organic life form
Grey spots Young intelligent organic life form
Black spots Dead intelligent organic life form

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