Endless Lifetimes

With the way most minds exist they seem to be stuck endlessly experiencing almost identical lifetimes for eternity. The Lights have shown many organic life forms how to access their minds memories of past lifetimes. This has allowed many species to advance much farther than would normally be possible. The main drawback of having this ability is the knowledge that they are stuck in the same time frame of the universe, and no matter how much they evolve almost no other species will change.

Finding a Way Out

The Dren were the first species the Lights trained to access more of their minds. The results were not what they had hoped. Most Dren brains could not deal with the fact they were stuck reliving their lives. They gave up doing anything, which cause Dren society to start falling apart. Fortunately the Lights had begun this training when the Dren Nexus, Eximius, came into existence. Since Eximius was born with the abilities the Lights were training the others to have, she did not have any trouble dealing with the way they existed. One of the first things she wanted to do for her people was find a way to unlock them from time so they could all experience the universe the way the Lights do.

Eximius gathered the most intelligent Dren she could find in order to find a solution. But the task would take many lifetimes to complete. Since all organic life was made from normal matter, a mind connected to it would never be able to drastically alter the way it flowed through time. They experimented with connecting their minds to short matter lattices like the Lights do, but knew that would not work for a few reasons: Most Dren did not want to exist in any body but the one they had always been in, If only part of the Dren population moved into Light bodies then the ones left behind would be unlikely to cope with the permanent disappearance of so many.

A Solution

Eximius was the one who came up with the solution, although she refuses to take credit. In one of her many visions she saw a Lights body merging with hers, then traveling to any point in time it wished. She realized that they need short matter bodies like the Lights, but which work like their existing bodies. Most of the scientists involved in the research thought that was an impossible solution. All the short matter they had encountered behaved quite differently from normal matter. But they agreed to try anyway, because at the worst they would gain a greater understanding of how short matter worked. The Dren eventually discovered short matter equivalents for every type of normal matter. The difficulty would be in gathering enough of it to make anything.

It took them close to ten thousand years, but the Dren did find that normal matter could be a way to get short matter. They knew that short matter could link end to end to expand, but they eventually realized that all normal matter was probably built this way. Normal matter was really a trillion year long piece of short matter. They found a way to break normal matter into two pieces. If they continued breaking the piece that was with them as they flowed through time, they could create pieces of short matter. Eximius volunteered to have parts of her body broken into two pieces of matter, starting a few seconds after she was born. Since the process was slow and tedious, they could not break every atom in her body at once. Even over her full lifetime they could not have done more than a tiny part of her leg. They did however, have a solution: They had enough short matter to build a small device which could autonomously work on breaking all the matter in her body at the same time. The device would pull itself out of the time wave they were in, travel to the beginning of Eximius' life, then begin working.

A Long Process

It took many lifetimes, but eventually every atom in Eximius' body had been split in two at the same moment in time. The next step was to repeat the process a few days ahead in time, leaving her with a short matter body which looked like a Dren, but never aged and could easily move to any point in time. To prevent the second and third sets of matter from being pulled in time by the subsequent time waves, possibly compressing and distorting it, the device generated a field which pulled them together where the breaks occurred. Much to their surprise, after they successfully completed the second separation, all the matter extending into the future which made up Eximius' normal matter body began to unravel, no longer forming anything. They have yet to determine why that happened.

One Down, Infinity to Go

Eximius wanted to have the same process performed on any other Dren who wished it, then any other species. The problem was how. In an infinite universe with infinite beings, how could they possible help them all. There was also the question of whether most beings would still see a purpose to existing if they knew they wouldn't age or die. Eximius had hoped for more visions to show her what to do, but has yet to receive anything other than the vision of merging minds.

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