Table of Contents


Infinite Divergence - How the universe and the lives of everyone in it is laid out.

Corrections - The Lights method of keeping species from becoming self destructive.

Core - A super powerful, partially artificial, intelligence which guides the Lights.

Time Wave - How life moves through time.

Endless Lifetimes - The consequence of being stuck in the time waves.

Dimensions - The universe has many more than most realize.

Normal Space - Where all organic life exists.

Matter - What almost everything in normal space is made from.

Minds - The source of a beings intelligence and personality.

Mind Space - Where minds exist.

Dren Empty Space - Use by the Dren for fast travel across the galaxy.

Light Empty Space - Use by the Lights for fast travel across the galaxy.

The Big Bang - The starting point for the universe from the perspective of the life in it.

Mind Speak - The universal language used by all minds.

Light Sculpture - A form of art developed by the Lights.

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