Age at start of correction:


Pre correction occupation: Canadian Armed Forces Major

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Major Alex Janko

Major Janko was in charge of the military holdouts left in Vancouver after the correction started. He dedicated himself to preventing the Lights from getting to the handful of civilians who had been hidden in Stanley Park. Until Jack destroyed the Lights construction tower in Abbotsford, he had estimate the Lights take less than a week to finish destroying Vancouver and capture everyone. When the tower was destroyed, the Lights temporarily stopped. This allowed Captain Ellis, who had been with Jack, enough time to salvage some environmental exploration suits from the wreckage and bring them to Vancouver. Major Janko then used the suits abilities to generate blast fields to hold off the lights. Unfortunately the suits often failed, allowing the Lights to capture the suit and whoever was in it. When Jack showed up in Vancouver and discovered how to properly use the suits, Major Janko planned to use them to help get everyone far from the city. Before he could put his plan in action they were attacked by a few dozen Lights, who killed him and all his men.

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