Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia

Age of Death: 52

Occupation: Emergency / Psychiatric Nurse.

Table of Contents

Joan Anderson

Five years before the correction started, Joan was killed when a logging truck collided head on with the pickup truck she and Fred were in. Fred was driving them to Chilliwack where they both worked. The accident happened just before sunrise with clear weather. Witnesses said the big rig suddenly veered into the lane where Fred was driving, giving him no time to get out of the way. The driver of the logging truck was also killed and a subsequent investigation found no reason for the rig to have left it's lane. Joan met Fred at Chilliwack General Hospital when he accidentally knocked her into a wheelchair as she entered a hall he was walking down. He offered he a dinner as an apology, but she knew he was probably interested in her. She had caught him staring in her direction quite a few times, only to turn away quickly with a slightly embarrassed look when she noticed. She married Fred two years later. They both wanted children, but never had any luck even though their doctors could find no medical problems with either of them.

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