Age at start of correction: 47

Birthplace: Abbotsford, British Columbia

Pre correction occupation: Canadian Armed Forces, Captain

Post correction occupation: Leader of the Anti-Light Rebellion

Captain George Ellis

Captain Ellis was a career soldier in the Canadian Military before the correction happened. He had the goal of wanting to make the rank of general then eventually become Prime Minister of Canada. His stubbornness and short temper made him quite a few enemies in the military. They also caused him to lose a potential promotion on one occasion after he got into a very heated and public argument with his commanding officer.

By the time the correction happened he had gotten his temper under control, but his stubbornness had only become worse. Once he had an idea about something, no person or proof otherwise could change. When the Lights started the correction, he immediately believed they could be defeated. Even after every city on the planet had been destroyed, he refused to believe they were as powerful as they appeared. He was correct in a way. The Lights could be defeated, but not by any technology Humans possessed.

Hidden Secrets

George was placed in the same settlement as Eddie Vern, a corporal who had been under his command. In the military he had been training Eddie to be his right hand man. But in the settlement, Eddie was the one who was being trained to be the leader to help correct humanity. He believed the Lights could not be trusted since they ignored his 'obvious' leadership skills. Although he was working with Eddie, he kept many things from him. After the Lights Left and Jack informed Eddie of the hidden area found in the New Zealand Settlement, Eddie asked George to organize teams to look for similar hidden places in the Portland Settlement. George had also found a room with imprisoned Juvo, but instead of telling Eddie, he and the former military people he had working with him buried the room and all that were nearby for later inspection.

Rebuilding and Preparing

After the rebuilding of Earths cities began, George worked closely with Eddie, who was now a Nexus Arm, gaining enough trust to be allowed control of New Portland's systems. With Eddie no longer the subordinate, he came to the conclusion the Lights did not really leave, but were manipulating humanity from some unseen place. He refused to believe that he and the rest of the veterans of the various militaries of Earth would have been ignored as potential leaders by Jack if the Lights were not controlling him. He did not realize that the people who became leaders were not chosen by the Lights, but had only been marked as potential leaders in their systems because of unique features in their minds. George clashed with Eddie and the rest of Earths new leaders on many occasions, but never gained any support for building a new, more powerful, global military. But that did not stop him from trying to do so on his own. George and his followers would regularly go back to the old settlement to look for more hidden areas, eventually expanding their search to other nearby settlements. He left the Juvo in their stasis prisons until they would need their aid. He knew if Jack detected them, they would be forced to leave the planet.

The Attack

When George and his followers attacked Eddie, their goal was to take control of New Portland then hep other ex-military personnel to do the same in other cities. He had refused to believe Jack was as powerful as was rumored, something he would quickly learn he was wrong about. After Jack exiled him and his followers to the remains of the Portland settlement, they freed the Juvo and requested their help. The Juvo turned out to be the travelers who Alpha Two had imprisoned centuries ago, and they were more than willing to help. The travelers helped them build some crude devices which could shift them sideways in time. They would still be in the same place and time, but they would be completely isolated from the rest of Earth. The travelers also built them a special type of atmospheric blocking field which could pull air from Earths atmosphere into their hidden bubbles of space-time.

Building an Army

George wanted an army and the travelers were experts at building armies from very little. On Earth the hit the jackpot. Alpha Two had been storing some of the Lights more advanced technology in his settlements. There was just enough of it for the Juvo to build a more advance version of the construction machine Jack and the Nexus Arms had been using. To get the parts required them to shift sideways in time, back into the world where Jack was. They managed to do it each time without being detected, but each time they set off traps set in the storage areas. The first trap ripped a large part of Vancouver from the world, shifting it sideways. The Juvo managed to save many of the people who were shifted with the city, but most did not survive. George used the opportunity to convince the survivors that Jack was responsible for what had happened. He twisted his description of the event leading up to the disaster in such a way that everyone was convinced he should be the leader, not Jack. George used the remains of Vancouver for his new base. With the help of the Juvo, they began building up his new military machine.


The Juvo knew of the Dren's mind ripping device, something that was really meant for merging minds. They had enough knowledge of it to build something similar for George to use on Jack and possible the Nexus Arm. They were not one hundred percent sure it would work on a mind connected to an organic brain, but they knew it would work on Jack since he was no longer connected to anything organic. After they exiled Jacks Mind to the Dren Empty Space, George believed it was only a matter of time before he had defeated the Nexus Arms. He contacted the government run cities, asking them to join him, but was surprised that they all believed he was either insane or being controlled by the Lights.

He had heard rumors of people who could see the future. Two in particular interested him the most. The Oracles in Guilin Monument City supposedly had seen disastrous events in the future, so he went to them to discover exactly what they saw. He did not receive a welcome greeting upon arriving in Guilin, but he had Juvo and some of their more advanced devices with him. They easily overcame the cities defenses and began torturing information from the Oracles. They told him everything they had seen, which was not much, but he did not believe them. The Oracles eventually began making up visions they hoped would make George leave. They had told him Jack would return, but they only saw darkness after that. They told George they now saw him and Jack in a great battle, and he would win if he used all the Juvo's technology. George was now convinced he was on the correct path.


With Jack gone and the Juvo technology at his disposal, George was unstoppable. The world's government cities had been building various weapons since the Lights left. Most of them had included nuclear missiles. They banded together to make one large assault on Vancouver, which they believed could not be stopped. Almost five hundred nuclear warheads would be simultaneously launched at the city from locations around the world. Once they had all detonated, the closest government cities would use their total blocking fields to control where the fallout goes. But George had another device waiting to defend his base: The space-time portals they had used to hide from Jack, could also link two points in normal space. Every missile that was launched was redirected back to a government city through a portal, wiping them all from the face of the planet. George planned to let the fallout kill off anyone not joining him, then he would rebuild Earth the way he believed it should be. He did not trust the Nexus Arms to ever be loyal to him, so he sent Juvo to track down and kill them all.

End of Everything

At first, George was confused when Jack captured him so easily after returning. But he quickly came to the conclusion that the battle the Oracles allegedly saw must have taken place in a waypoint. So the only way that could happen was if someone brought him inside one. His belief was reinforced when Jack brought the Juvo to the waypoint as well. Even as all the matter in his body began to disappear when they approached the end of time, he refused to believe he would die because he still needed to battle with Jack. Only after his body was gone his disconnected mind came to terms with what happened. Although he had discovered what had really been happening, he still believed he was correct about Jack and the others being controlled by the Light. Nothing Jack or anyone else said to George could convince him that his way was the only way to save the human race from being controlled by the Lights. One think did change though: George no longer believed he could accomplish his goals without the help of other humans. He appreciated the Juvo but to him they were just another tool to use in accomplishing his goals. He vowed to try forcing his memories of his mistake into his brain during his next lifetime, with his main goal being to convince Jack to do things his way.

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