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 +====== People ======
 +The people here don't always have appeared in the books for a long time. Some may seem like incidental characters. I intend for them to either play bigger roles in future books or be the main character(s) in their own book(s).
 +[[:​people:​jack_campbell|Jack Campbell]], [[:​people:​fred_anderson|Fred Anderson]], [[:​people:​joan_anderson|Joan Anderson]], [[:​people:​bob_jackson|Bob Jackson]], [[:​people:​owen|Owen]],​ [[:​people:​rose|Rose]],​ [[:​people:​captain_george_ellis|Captain George Ellis]], [[:​people:​corporal_eddie_vern|Corporal Eddie Vern]], [[:​people:​nancy_blake_aka_doc|Nancy Blake aka Doc]], [[:​people:​valerie|Valerie]],​ [[:​people:​jill|Jill]],​ [[:​people:​george|George]],​ [[:​people:​jake|Jake]],​ [[:​people:​major_alex_janko|Major Alex Janko]], [[:​people:​doctor_walter_wright|Doctor Walter Wright]], [[:​people:​jackson|Jackson]],​ [[:​people:​nolan|Nolan]],​ [[:​people:​zhang_wei|Zhang Wei]], [[:​people:​li_xiu_ying|Li Xiu Ying]]
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