Location: 80 Km East of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Population: 1.2 million.

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In the mid twenty first century, Chilliwack saw an exponential population growth due to people leaving Vancouver. Uncontrolled land values in Vancouver meant that only the very rich could afford to own their own homes with the surrounding cities were not much more affordable. In Chilliwack anyone with a full time job could easily afford their own home.

Unlike the rest of the cities near Vancouver, Chilliwack did not give up any of its farm land as it grew. Instead the city chose to build high rises and condominium complexes for the new people. The city did not rely on or wait for land developers to build anything, instead creating a work program to hire trades workers to build the new living spaces. The city was more interested in attracting people than making a profit, so the cost of the new homes were much lower than the surrounding cities. The affordability of Chilliwack also attracted many large businesses from Vancouver and the surrounding areas. The areas of Chilliwack which had been mainly uses for warehouses and good manufacturing grew to include large business districts.

The Search and Rescue headquarters for southern British Columbia are located in Chilliwack near the Chilliwack General Hospital. Jack and Fred were based at the headquarters, but spent most of their working hours in the wilderness helping people in trouble. Fred's deceased wife Joan worked at the hospital in the emergency room.

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