Age at start of correction: Approximately one million years.

Sexual Makeup: Two thirds female, one third male. Uses female identity.

Main Mind Tendrils: 36

Secondary Mind Tendrils: 72

Eximius Cognoscere

Although Dren have a normal life span lasting around five hundred years, Eximius has existed for much longer. The reason being that like most Dren, she has successfully replaced all the normal matter in her body with short matter. This allows her to exist the same way as a Light does, retaining access to every memory in her mind and not bound to relive the same life over and over. Unlike most other Dren, she does not choose to return to the day she was spawned when she has existed for her normal lifespan. She prefers to continue flowing through time to help as many generations of her people as possible, only returning when another time wave is approaching the point she was spawned.

Born Aware

As with all Dren, when Eximius was spawned her brain retained all the memories and knowledge that the brain of her parent held. But as she experienced her second lifetime, she realized she also could access all the memories in her mind. This was an ability no other organic life form had shown throughout the history of the galaxy.

Confronting Lights

As soon as the Lights who existed on the Dren Home World, Diro, heard of this ability, they immediately began an examination of Eximius' mind. They had not physically examined a mind for billions of years, since they had always appeared to be identical, with only minor insignificant differences. But Eximius' mind was much different. It was larger than an average Light's mind, had thirty six main mind tendrils compared to their six, with seventy two secondary tendrils.

When Alpha One heard of her mind, he immediately left Earth to meet her. He had theorized that there was a powerful intelligence guiding the galaxy, and believed Eximius could be proof of it. After meeting, he believed Eximius' mind had been created to help control other life orm in the galaxy. Eximius initially didn't know whether to believe the idea or not. Over a few life times, she eventually came to believe her purpose was not to control the galaxy, but to help the life forms on worlds near her rid themselves of the Lights influence.

Eximius believed she was much more powerful than any Light, so she eventually demanded they stop interfering with the lives of organic life forms. She was fortunate that the leader of the Light clan on Diro did not like confrontations or fighting, or she may not have survived the initial encounter with it. She believe it's six tendril could not fight her thirty six, but she did not count on the Light not caring what she did to it's body. She managed to heavily damage the Lights lattice, but since their bodies are not needed for survival it just disconnected itself from the lattice while grabbing on to Eximius' short matter body. After calmly explaining the Lights do not answer to anyone, and that if her body were to be destroyed, she would no longer have a life to return to, Eximius gave up the attack. The only other option she had would be to damage, maybe even kill, the Lights mind. Something she was not willing to do.


Throughout her life Eximius occasionally had visions of future events. She discussed them with Alpha One, who had always attributed it to a powerful galactic mind trying to communicate. After the confrontation with the Light, she was no longer sure of her destiny, until her next vision. She saw herself with two other minds. They were disconnected from any life forms and being merged into one mind. One mind had six main tendrils, obviously a Lights mind, but the other had thirty six. At first she believed the vision meant she needed to merge her mind with a Lights, so she organized some of the best Dren scientists to create a device which could perform such a merge.

During the development of the device, she had another vision. This time there were two pairs of minds. The minds with six tendrils had a Light floating nearby, But the minds with thirty six had a Juvo and an unfamiliar species floating near them. She quickly realized that the device was not meant for her, but to be used to create more powerful Nexus. Nexus which maybe could control the Lights. She shared the vision of the unknown life form with her Juvo friends who recognized it as a Human. With the help of the Juvo, she located the minds of both Nexus.

Who to Choose

Because of her confrontation with the Lights, Eximius did not believe most of them would approve of being merged with an alien mind. She only told Lights who had shown they wanted to be more than they were. She was surprised that the Lights volunteered to be merged long before she was going to suggest it. There were hundreds of Lights wanting to be merged, but only two minds that she knew for sure were meant to be merged. Together, they decided the best way would be to introduce the two minds to all of them. They could discuss their beliefs, values, and anything else they felt like. The goal would be to find which minds were most compatible. The meeting were decided to happen at the beginning of the two minds lives, since they would both eventually be waiting there for a time wave for thousands of years.

Unlike the Juvo, humans had not contacted any life off of their own planet, so when Eximius first appeared to Jack's mind he initially thought it was one of his friends. He believed they must have found a way to disguise the appearance of their mind. Once he realized mind was not one of his friends, he began to think he was going insane. After contacting the mind of his friends, and having them confirm this was a mind none of them had communicated with before, he slowly accepted what he was being told. The meeting between Jack and the Lights mind got off to a very slow start. The reason being that the minds of Jacks friends wanted to communicate with them too. Eximius was reluctant at first, but eventually agreed after the Lights voiced their belief that meeting them would do no harm.

Unlike the Dren and many Juvo, no human had the ability to access all their minds memories. Almost no organic life forms could do it. So any decisions they made would be completely unknown to them when they were living out their lifetime. many of the Lights were not comfortable with being blocked off from a large part of who they were, even if it would be for less than one hundred years. In the end, only a handful of Lights believed they could live like that, so they spent more time discussing things with Jack. Jack's friends Fred and Bob, being a little overprotective, also got got involved in the discussions. In the end, Jack chose to merge with Arlon, a Light who had seen more of the galaxy than most and who had the same sense of needing to protect others.


After the Great Misunderstanding occurred, Eximius lost much of her influence with her people. They only wanted vengeance against the Lights for trying to annihilate their people. With the Lights believing the Dren possessed a weapon which could destroy them, the Dren had no difficulty driving them off many worlds. Many Dren believed they had become no better than the Lights, maybe even worse, but the rest continued on their rampage. It wasn't until Eximius proved that Arlon and Jack had been merged, that her people began to calm down. Once Jack and Eximius finished the merging of Mesa with Didov, the majority of Dren agreed to stop driving Lights of their home planets. They agreed to wait an see how these new nexus would handle the Lights on their own planets.

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