Age at Start of Correction: Approximately 13 billion years

Origin: Three thousand years after the Big Bang

Alpha Two

Alpha Two was one of the first Lights to come into existence during the beginning of the universe. He is considered to be the clan leader on the Lights on Earth. After the first failure of the most recent correction attempt on the human race, his leadership was challenged by Alpha One, who believed they could not longer correct humans by force. Jack Campbell was the one who name him Alpha Two in his attempt to easily keep track of the Lights. As with many other Lights, he has become more violent and prone to angry outbursts. Something that Alpha One is worried will eventually spread to all Lights.


Alpha Two's early existence was much the same as all the other Lights. He wanted to know what he was, where he came from, why he existed. He believed the only way to answer these questions was to learned what everything was and how it worked. For the first few million years of the universe this was a difficult task. Other than the Lights minds, there was no matter in existence. He wanted to examine the inner working of a mind, but he was concerned with permanently damaging any he attempted to examine. He eventually built up enough courage to attempt examining his own mind, nearly destroying it in the process. He documented his first attempt as a triumph of curiosity over sense. He was lucky to have been found by Alpha One, who with the aid of other Lights who would become his clan, helped repair the damage he had done to himself. Despite nearly killing himself, he was more determined than ever to know how his mind worked. Thus began the billions of years of collaboration between him and Alpha One to determine why they existed.


When the first pieces of short matter began forming in the universe, Alpha Two was among the first to try doing something with it. He quickly realized that when one of his mind tendrils was holding on to a piece of matter, it seemed to be able to sense more of the universe. He decided to connect many pieces of the matter together, eventually creating a small blob of short iron. Holding onto this blob with a tendril, he could sense everything for hundred of meters around him. Eventually the blob was built into a hexagonal lattice which became his permanent body. With the lattice, he could sense everything thousands of kilometers away from him. For the first time he had a sense of just how big the universe was. Many other Lights followed his example and began creating lattice bodies for themselves. The vastness of everything caused a flood of idea in his mind. He knew he would never become bored existing in such a large and incredible place.

Impatient Shepherd

When organic life first appeared, many Lights believed they had finally found their reason for existence: protecting and helping this new life evolve. Alpha Two was one of those who embraced the idea of helping this new form of life. He was worried that organic life seemed to consume everything around it in order to survive. He wondered if it could ever grow large enough to consuming an entire planet. One they discovered there were limits on how large organic life could be, his fears were slightly alleviated. But as life forms began gaining intelligence and attaching to the newer less powerful mind coming into existence, he became worried about their destructive behavior. He discussed this with many other Lights, all of whom believed they needed to forcibly change the way these life forms were existing. The process they called correcting was simple enough: separate the violent life forms from the peaceful one, teach the peaceful ones how to stay that way, don't let the violent ones reproduce. Over the eons, the process made very slow progress. The time between corrections increased, but they were always, eventually needed. Alpha Two became so impatient with the process that he begun to kill or torture any life forms who refused to cooperate. During his confrontation with Jack Campbell and Alpha One, he almost destroyed Alpha Ones lattice body when he refused to do as he wanted. Jack's attack on him didn't actually cause any permanent harm, but it did snap Alpha Two out of his rage and make him realize what he had become. He returned to Core with Alpha One with the hope it could find a way to fix what he had become.

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