A Typical Light when viewed through a welding mask. Normally they appear as balls of extremely bright light.

Origin: Most appeared in the early universe before matter formed.

Size: From one to four meters in diameter

Lifespan: Infinite. Lights are just very large powerful minds. Their bodies only exist to help them interact with the universe.

Main Mind Tendrils: 6

Secondary Mind Tendrils: 36


The Lights are the oldest intelligent beings in the universe. They began to appear a few thousand years after the big bang. Initially they were just minds drifting in a universe filled with nothing but radiation and energy. As various types of matter began to appear, they eventually learned how to manipulate short matter into a lattice structure which they used for bodies. No one knows how they are created or where they come from since there has never been another being nearby when one appears. Light is a name given to them by humans. Their real name is a series of colors and shapes from the language used by all minds known as mindspeak. Since most organic species do not communicate or have full access to their minds abilities, they choose to give each Light a name in their own language.

Reason for Existence

The Lights spent eons searching for a reason for their existence without any success until intelligent organic life began forming. Unlike the Lights, most organic life forms were weak and fragile, This fact led them to the conclusion they were meant to protect these new forms of life and nurture them as they developed. In the beginning, this was a fairly easy task. When any life form began to develop violent trait, the Lights would isolate them and try to teach them to overcome these traits. At first they didn't believe the isolation and teaching technique was working, since they needed to intervene with almost every generation of these life forms to correct them. But after a few hundred generations, most life form began to show enough improvement to only need correcting every other generation. Before the Lights had left Earth to deal with the Dren, Humans had developed to the point of needing to be corrected every ten generations. The Lights had hoped that eventually Humans would eventually be able to recognize when they were regressing to violence and correct themselves.


Before organic life appear, none of the Lights stayed in one place for long. They preferred instead to wander the galaxy, experiencing anything new they could find. After organic life appeared, most of them grouped into clans which watched over the life on a particular planet. The Light who was deemed the most intelligent and wise by the others in the clan, became the leader of the group. Another Light could become the leader if it could prove it was miser and more intelligent to the vast majority of the other Lights on the planet. In the case of Earth, Alpha One and Alpha Two had been at odds over who was more intelligent for thousands of years. Neither had a clear majority of supporters and neither believed the other had any intelligence or wisdom.


The Lights have been in existence for billions of years and understand how almost everything in the universe works. Because of this, most believe they are the most intelligent beings in existence and they have the sole right to control the evolution of the universe. many Light also believed they were more intelligent than the rest. To avoid conflicts, the Light decided to create Core, a massive artificial mind to house all their knowledge and help resolve disputes. They eventually developed a technology which allowed them to merge their own minds with Core to create a super intelligent to help guide them. Lights consider being asked to merge with Core to be a great honor, since it means their intelligence and wisdom is considered important enough to help the others.

Meticulous Planning

Everything the Lights do during a correction has been planned out to the smallest detail. They have studied each species long enough to know exactly how they will react to most situations. On Earth Jack and his friends had believed that Alpha One lost control when he attacked Jack, but the attack as well as Alpha One documenting his regret in the planetary systems had been planned by both Alpha One and Alpha Two. The only thing they had not planned on was the Juvo attacks. But it took Alpha One and Alpha Two less than an hour to incorporate the Juvo rebellion into their plans.

Endless Loop

When Jack discovered that the Lights had become stuck in a seemingly endless loop trying to correct every species in the galaxy, ending the lives of any who don't follow their plans. He and his friends worried that the Lights had become unstable because of their discovery that the matter in the universe was coming to and end. Jack discovered an entry in Alpha One's personal database on Mars describing how the Lights were trying to speed up evolution in all species, which only added to their worries. Walter theorized that the Lights were killing everyone off in order to prevent any minds from losing their connection to a brain when the matter making up their brains disappeared. Whatever the case was, they decided that the Lights need to stop what they were doing and work with Humans to find a way to cope with the end of everything. But with the Lights seeing all organic life as inferior, they had no idea how they could accomplish the task.

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